Corsi di Kitesurf

Kite surfing is a sport that is very similar to sports such as wake-boarding, snow-boarding, and surfing. As with surfing and windsurfing, kite surfing is purely dependant on harnessing the power of nature. Kite surfing is incredibly fun, but it is a very technical sport, and done incorrectly can be very dangerous. It is vital to get instruction from experienced and qualified teachers. Here at the Bomboklat School we have over twenty years of combined experience. So please come and join us to fly a kite like you never have before.

BEGINNER LEVEL (3 lessons/2 full days)
By the end of the 2nd day in the basic course, you will have learned about the much of the kite surfing theory and you will be able to fly the kite in the water, but only with a qualified instructor present.

1. THEORY Kite up
The first lesson will be a morning theory session lasting 2-hours and starting at 10:00am; before the afternoon wind starts to blow. During this session you will learn about your equipment and how to rig it. You’ll also learn about the wind and the ‘flight zone’ when flying the kite. Most importantly, you’ll also learn about safety. After the 2-hours of theory, we will take a break when you can have lunch that you will need to supply yourselves. You can relax on the beach and perhaps even take a quick swim in the lake.

During this session we will use a ‘soft kite’ with just two lines and a bar to help you learn how to fly the kite and to keep it in the ‘flight zone’. Once you have enough experience with the ‘soft kite’, we will rig a proper kite and revise the skills.

On the second day we meet at 10:00AM for a full day. We will practice rigging the kites and refresh the ‘flight zone’ theory. In the afternoon when the wind starts, we will go to the lake and practice the practical steps in ‘one on one’ lessons, using radio and a boat. During this hour, we will practice flying the kite in the lake and doing what’s known as a ‘body drag’. With the use of radio, you will be well looked after, with every step made clear. If you’re skills are good enough, we might let you try using a board. The drop in the wind at the end of the day marks the finish to our day and your lessons. If you’re hooked on kiting after these two introductory days, we would love to further your skills with more practical lessons on the water with the board.
All equipment is provided by Bomboklat and is of the best quality. We suggest you bring a packed lunch and refreshments with you.


After the basic course, you can get further one-hour ‘one on one’ sessions on the lake where we further your skills with the board. We will practise launching the kite alone from the water, and we also start to practice riding upwind – a quite difficult but imperative part of kiting


(Single lesson 1-hour)
This lesson is also ‘one on one’, on the lake with radio communication and a boat. With this lesson we will attempt to perfect your style. If you wish, we will also introduce you to some freestyle manoeuvres.

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